B-SQUARE Corp. is an executive search firm that has the core ability to lead the economic activation of Busan.
We provide local and international companies with top-tier human resource recruitment and consulting services.
B-SQUARE Corp. is a leading provider of headhunting, career consulting, and other human resource services underpinned by rich experience in recruitment and organized processes.

trategic Change and Human Rights Consulting Specialist

We are a specialized company that provides strategic alternatives for companies in need of change management.
We can help people find new jobs and establish successful careers after they find themselves out of work due to unavoidable circumstances such as M&A, restructuring, etc.

e manage the process of recruiting excellent personnel based on our internal and external hiring experience.

We also support the entire recruiting process from advertising open positions to notifying the successful candidate that was selected for the job.
   - Benefits of using employment agencies
   - Reduction of fixed costs
   - Save time on recruitment
   - Operation of guarantee system